Welcome to 'Theistic Reflections'

On this site, you will find content primarily to do with issues of a profound philosophical nature. I start this website with the most profound question, that of the existence of God. Secondarily, it will contain things explicitly of a religious, viz Catholic, nature.

The site's 'name' 'Theistic Reflections' encapsulates its content and purpose, to display material from the philosophical perspective of theism (which basically entails affirmation of God's existence).

Note that this site is in early days...check back soon, there may be more content.  


1) In all things I aim to exhibit faithfulness to the Magisterium (teaching authority) of the Roman Catholic Church.
2)  Nonetheless, whilst this is unmistakebly a Catholic website, either explicitly or implicitly with regard to content, it is geared for all to appreciate; particularly with regard to articles drawing no pre-conceived notions from the Catholic Religion - instead utilising reason alone, of which all people can hopefully accept validity.   


 Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor - Patron of the website


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